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Projection Screens

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6' x 10' Rear Projection Screen
Exact Measurements: 95.3" H x 122.9" W Leg Size: 2' 16:9 RATIO Front or rear projection Rear Projection screen surface that measures 93.3" H x 122.9" W overall with legs attached. Actual viewing surface measures 66.2" H x 117.7" W.
Convenience Dress Kit for 6' x 10' Fast Fold Projection Screen
Dress Kits can turn an ordinary presentation into one that is more professional The luxurious drapes surround the image and help keep your audience's attention where it belongs - on the screen. If you are doing a rear screen show, a Dress Kit can be particularly useful since it not only hides the equipment but prevents the projection light from blaring into the eyes of your viewers. -- It assembles quickly without the use of tools. It can also be adjusted to accommodate different aspect ratios. Especially useful for rear screen presentations Keeps excess light off audience No tools required for assembly