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Christmas Lights

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C9 28 FT Green Christmas Lights
Green wiring. 28 feet long strand. Male and female connectors. Edison plug. Professional sockets feature weep holes for trouble free damp weather performance. Compatible with LED or incandescent bulbs with E17 Intermediate (17mm) bases. Use with E17 base bulbs including C9, G50 and S11. Heavy duty SPT1 insulation provides 7 amp capacity. Maximum watts per run: 672. Equivalent to 134 5 watt bulbs. C9 Clear Bulbs rented separately at .40 cents each Calculate for Amp Needs: # of Bulbs x Watts/Bulb = Total Watts Total Watts / 120 volts = Amp Needs
C9 White 15 FT Christmas Lights
Length: 15 FT Bulb Spacing: 12 inches apart